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Looking for an effective treatment for back pain, headache or musculoskeletal tension?  Get relief with targeted and tailored treatment.

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What is remedial massage?

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Remedial massage or remedial therapy is a clinical approach to addressing soft tissue dysfunction that may present as musculoskeletal pain or movement restriction.

Through assessment and testing, the aim is to find out why these symptoms are occurring and then tackle them and their cause through remedial techniques such as deep tissue massage, joint mobilisation, triggerpoint therapy, and myofascial techniques to name some.
A session usually includes a discussion of what you’re experiencing, some history, postural assessment, testing to put some pieces of the puzzle together. Then we come up with a game plan and treatment can begin.

Benefits of remedial massage

Massage in general can help to alleviate tension.  We sometimes hold residual stress from work or life in general which manifests as tension in soft tissue.  Improper movement patterns can also add to stress in parts of your structure.  Our aim is to help even out the tension in your body proportionally.

Massage can help speed up the recovery of damaged soft tissue from certain types or trauma or overuse.  By encouraging blood flow to get nutrient rich blood to the affected region.   

Touch has powerful effect from infancy and throughout our lifespan.  The body releases oxytocin also know as the cuddle hormone which gives a nurturing, warm and fuzzy feeling.

There are many additional benefits such as reducing anxiety and depression, stimulation of lymphatic circulation, improve joint mobility to name a few more.

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Why choose Brunswick Remedial Massage

Tailored care

We’ll take the time to discuss and understand your goals, concerns, pains, and needs, then come up with a treatment plan and care tailored specifically to you.

Results focussed

Whether it’s about reducing pain or moving better we’ll set measurable goals to keep us on track. Then we’ll create a gameplan and roadmap to achieve them.


By providing you with resources and information without all the jargon you’ll be armed with the knowledge and tools to take control of your musculoskeletal health.