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Remedial Massage

Looking for an effective treatment for back pain, headache or musculoskeletal tension? Get relief with targeted and purposeful treatment.

Sports Massage

Stay on top of your game with tailored care for your sport or activity. Move better, prevent injury, recover faster.

Deep Tissue Massage

Feeling a little stiff & congested? You’ll get a therapist who’ll know the exact areas to treat with the right depth. Feel the release, feel amazing.

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Why choose Brunswick Remedial Massage

Tailored care

We’ll take the time to discuss and understand your goals, concerns, pains, and needs, then come up with a treatment plan and care tailored specifically to you.

Results focussed

Whether it’s about reducing pain or moving better we’ll set measurable goals to keep us on track. Then we’ll create a gameplan and roadmap to achieve them.


By providing you with resources and information without all the jargon you’ll be armed with the knowledge and tools to take control of your musculoskeletal health.

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Find answers to common questions releted to remedial massage

You can think of remedial massage as a clinical approach to massage.  Instead of just giving you a general rub down, your therapist will investigate to find the root cause of a dysfunction and then work with you to correct it.  Remedial therapists utilise a myriad of soft tissue manipulation techniques to help relieve tension and restore function.

Your initial consultation involves gathering health information and carrying out a physical assessment, treatment which will provide us a information to devise a treatment plan.  The treatment will involve soft tissue manipulation and some corrective exercises to correct imbalances.  We’ll re-evaluate our progress and make future treatment plans if required.  Please view our process by following this link.

Our goal is to minimise your pain.  At times you may experience discomfort which many or our clients describe as “good pain”.  Unlike a general massage your therapist will be communicating with you throughout the session.  Expect a collaborative approach during treatment as you may be asked to participate with movement exercises.

Oil is used as well as other creams and sometimes wax.

This is really dependent on how you use your body and what conditions you are presenting with.  We encourage you to consider remedial massage as maintenance for your soft tissue.  As many take their car in for a regular service,  regular massage is maintenance for musculoskeletal health. Some of our clients see us every month.  For pain conditions or active individuals weekly sessions are sometimes necessary until issues are resolved and then periods between sessions are extended as conditions are resolved.  Each case is different and your therapist will have an idea after consulting with you.

What a typical session looks like

01. Consultation

This is part of the information gathering phase. After you fill out a health history form we’ll discuss your presenting symptoms and set some goals for your treatment and care.

02. Assessment

Here we aim to get a better understanding of whats happening by looking at your posture, movement, and carrying out some special tests. We can now clarify our goals and formulate a treatment plan.

03. Treatment

The session is dynamic, meaning you’ll be participating and moving into different positions and giving feedback. We’ll check our progress as we go to see if we’re affecting change.

04. Re-assess & Debrief

We now revaluate the treatment, check our progress, and plan future care. Home exercises, releases & stretches are demonstrated and given to reinforce the treatment.

How we measure your success

01. Define a baseline

02. Set clear goals

03. Tailored treatment

04. Re-test & Re-evaluate